KAI House Select Coffee Mill and Dripper

KAI House Select Coffee Mill and Dripper


Coffee Mill+Dripper 2-in-1. For those who want to enjoy authentic coffee at home or in the office. The coffee mill and dripper are integrated into one unit, eliminating the need to transfer the ground bean powder. The millstones made of seracook do not have a metallic smell and do not spoil the aroma of coffee. Can brew 1 to 2 cups of coffee. Made in Japan.

  • Description


    The FIX grind mechanism is a new technology newly developed by KAI to reduce the fine powder that causes miscellaneous taste and to even out the grains after grinding. Most of the common coffee mills have only one side of the mortar that is divided into upper and lower parts fixed, and the mortar tends to move easily and fine powder is generated easily, but “COFFEE TOOLS!” By fixing both, it is possible to grind beans with a stable size without producing fine powder.

    • Size: Approx. 185 × 160 × 103mm
    • Weight: Approx. 295g
    • Country of Manufacture: Japan
    • Material / Component: Handle (Metal part): Stainless steel; Knob: Polypropylene (heat resistant up to 100°C) MS resin (heat resistant up to 70°C); Mil (Main Body): ABS resin (heat resistant up to 80°C), Grain size control knob: Polyacetal (heat resistant up to 140°C) Inner mortar*outer mortar: Ceramic, Shaft*spring: Stainless steel; Dripper (Resin Part): ABS resin (heat resistant up to 100°C), Rubber foot: Thermoplastic elastomer (heat resistant up to 70°C)

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