Skater Vacuum Bread Case 真空麵包盒

Skater Vacuum Bread Case 真空麵包盒


Prevent bread from drying out and keep it fresh with vacuum sealing! Unlike freezing, it does not destroy nutrients and saves time on thawing. It can also be used to store bread, cereal, snacks, and more!


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  • Description


    With the included pump, it’s easy to remove air and seal tightly with the attached packing. Placing fat-free cotton soaked in brandy or other alcohol in the alcohol case on the back of the ventilated rack can delay the onset of mold.


    Applicable bread size with case in set state of ventilated rack: W212 x D157 x H190mm
    設置了網架的情況下,可容納的食用麵包尺寸: 寬212×深157×高190mm

    Product size (approx.)


    • Capacity: 3800ml
    • Size: W212 x D157 x H190mm
    • Weight: 680g


    • 41 x 64 x 137mm
    • Weight: 50g

    Quality Indication

    Case (Made in Japan)

    • Lid/Body: saturated polyester resin
    • Ventilated rack: polypropylene
    • Packing/air valve: silicone rubber

    Pump (Made in Taiwan)

    • Handle/Body/Pillar: ABS resin
    • O-ring: silicone rubber
    • Joint section: polyethylene
    • (Discharge capacity: 40cc)

    ※ Do not use in microwave ovens, ovens, or grills.
    ※ 請勿在微波爐、烤箱或烤架中使用。


    • Vacuum bread case that prevents bread drying with vacuum sealing and long lasting freshness
    • You can save 1 serving bread and save other breads
    • You can easily degass the air in the case with the pump supplied from the lid air valve
    • Unlike frozen storage, it is difficult to destroy nutrients without thawing to thaw
    • If you put skotes such as brandy etc. in the case of the back of the snowoko, you can also create molds
    • Since the silicon valve and the packing are sealed, it is perfect for preservation of food that dislike moisture
    • Case is washed with dishwasher, so cleaning is easy
    • Country of Manufacture: Case / Japan; Vacuum pump / Taiwan
    • Materials: Linder / Saturated polyester resin, Snow / polypropylene, Packing air valve, O-ring / silicon resin, handle, post, vacuum pump body / ABS resin, joint part / polyethylene

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