DURAN YOUTILITY Clear Bottle GL45 玻璃瓶

DURAN YOUTILITY Clear Bottle GL45 玻璃瓶


These laboratory-grade glass bottles are made in Germany and can withstand temperatures as high as 500°C. They are manufactured using a special toughening process that makes them more durable and resistant to breakage than regular glass bottles. They are certified as food containers, making them the safest and most environmentally friendly option for storing beverages.

德國製造的實驗室級別玻璃瓶。能承受高達 500°C 高溫。採用特殊的鋼化技術,使其比普通玻璃瓶更加堅固和耐用,且不易破裂。食品容器認證,是盛載飲品最安全和環保的方案。

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  • Description


    • Made in Germany
    • Certified for food containers
    • Suitable for carrying all kinds of hot and cold drinks, soups, and food
    • 德國製造
    • 食品容器認證
    • 適合承載各類冷熱飲品、湯水及食物

    Bottle 瓶身

    • Borosilicate Glass
    • Laboratory grade glass, safe and reliable
    • Safe and non-toxic, temperature resistant to 500°C
    • Carrying various beverages such as coffee, tea, juice, soy milk, and milk will not release heavy metals
    • Volume scale printed on the bottle
    • Ergonomic design, the special shape on both sides makes it easy to hold in the hand
    • 硼矽酸鹽玻璃
    • 實驗室級別玻璃,安全可靠
    • 安全無毒,耐溫 500℃
    • 承載各類飲品如咖啡、茶、果汁、豆漿、牛奶均不會釋出重金屬
    • 瓶身印有容量刻度
    • 人體工程學設計,兩側的特殊形狀方便掌握/li>

    Bottle Cap 瓶蓋

    • Secure seal cap, easy to twist open, short thread on the inside of the cap for easier opening and closing
    • Conforms to EU food grade plastic specifications, temperature resistance 140°C
    • <安全密封瓶蓋,容易扭開,蓋子內部的短螺紋令開關更容易
    • 符合歐盟食品級塑膠規範,耐溫 140℃

    Each set includes the following:

    • YOUTILITY Bottle x1
    • YOUTILITY Cap x1
    • YOUTILITY Silicone Bottle Tags x1 (Colors are shipped randomly.)


    • YOUTILITY 瓶身 x1
    • YOUTILITY 瓶蓋 x1
    • YOUTILITY 標籤環 x1 (顏色隨機出貨)
  • Additional information

    Additional information

    Weight N/A
    Dimensions N/A

    125 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL


    GL 45

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