Bankoyaki Mosquito Coil Stand 萬古焼蚊とり器

Bankoyaki Mosquito Coil Stand 萬古焼蚊とり器


The essential items for a cool summer evening are a fan and a mosquito repellent pig. As a nostalgic cute item, “Mosquito Repellent Pig” (蚊取り豚) is becoming a secret boom in recent years. In fact, Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture’s Banko ware is famous. Made in Japan.


  • Description


    These summer items have been loved in Japan since ancient times. The colors of gosu (a type of lacquerware made from clay) give the item a cool, airy feel. The traditional pig motif is adorable. It is a type from which mosquito coils can be hung. A wire for hanging mosquito coils and a handle are also included. Cute ceramic mosquito trapping device in the shape of a pig. It can be used not only on the eave, but also on the veranda, entryway, garden, etc. Lightweight and portable.


    • Size: Approx. 10.5cm x 13cm x 11cm
    • Weight: Approx. 320g
    • Country of Origin: Japan (Yikkaichi’s Banko)
    • You can hang the mosquito repellent incense on the inner wire.
    • It can be used with regular mini sized mosquito coils up to 3.9 inches (10 cm) in diameter.
    • Easy to use.

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